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Saturday, July 29, 2017

What color is silver?

I had a successful fast on a day where my friend I was fasting with did not.
But its not her fault that she couldn't do it.

I want to talk about my success here. It was a hard day to fast just because of the sheer amount of activity that day required me to do. I felt like the next day I had a bit of lightheadedness. But even though I was already eating again on Thursday something that could explain my mental state is that I was eating Keto. I just didn't want to waste some food so I broke keto this morning.

Its incredibly surprising to me that people live without knowing what ketosis is. The dictionary that spellchecks for blogger doesn't recognize it as a word either so its understandable.

Keto is so wonderful. Its just hard to do while vegetarian.
I rarely mention it but my diet is pretty dang vegetarian.

I need to see how keto athletic feels. Like how does it feel to exercise while in ketosis?
Its crazy to me how much I haven't done to my body yet. Like I'm so caught up in everything I'm currently looking at that I don't even feel like I have time to consider what tattoo I'd want.

I've been snarky at work. People deserve it.
I wonder if anyone looks at my behavior and sees it in the perspective that they might deserve my snark. Most people probably don't feel like they ever deserve anyone being even 1% rude to them.
But I'll let you know... people that treat me well reap the rewards. I show appreciation in any way I can. And I even attempt to show appreciation in ways I'm not supposed to sometimes. As respectfully as I can at least...

Sometimes people ask me questions that I'm not qualified to answer.
Want to know a silly one
What color is colloidal silver?
Look it up yourself. You'll find if you dig deep enough some sources will say it should be clear and some say when the potency is high enough it should be brownish.
But when something gets sensationalized as a sellable product with competing companies its hard to know what the textbook answer is all of a sudden.

The amount of people in California that believe 'cancer cannot survive an alkaline environment' so they need to drink high pH water is ridiculous.

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